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Ammonium Bicarbonate


What is Ammonium Bicarbonate?

Ammonium bicarbonate is a white, odorless powder and is an alkaline salt composed of ammonium, carbon and oxygen. It is also known as baker’s ammonia and is a common leavening agent used in the baking industry. It has a range of uses in many different industries, including food production, pharmaceuticals, and cleaning products.


Where is Ammonium Bicarbonate Generally Used?

Ammonium bicarbonate is primarily used in the baking industry as a leavening agent and as a dough conditioner. It is also used as a preservative in processed foods, as a buffer in pharmaceutical and personal care products, and as a cleaning agent.


Where is Ammonium Bicarbonate Found?

Ammonium bicarbonate is widely available in supermarkets and baking supply stores. It is also available online from various retailers.


What are the Health Benefits of Ammonium Bicarbonate?

Ammonium bicarbonate is a food-grade ingredient and is safe for human consumption. Its health benefits include:

  • Improved digestion – Ammonium bicarbonate helps to improve digestion by aiding the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Improved nutrient absorption – Ammonium bicarbonate helps to improve the absorption of essential nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium.
  • Improved bone health – Ammonium bicarbonate helps to improve bone health by increasing the absorption of calcium and other important minerals.


Interesting Facts About Ammonium Bicarbonate

  • Ammonium bicarbonate has a wide range of uses, from baking to cleaning products.
  • Ammonium bicarbonate is more stable at higher temperatures than baking soda.
  • Ammonium bicarbonate is widely used in the food industry as a dough conditioner and preservative.
  • Ammonium bicarbonate has a slightly bitter taste and is often used as a flavoring agent in baked goods.


Other Similar Ingredients

Other ingredients with similar properties to ammonium bicarbonate include baking powder, cream of tartar, bicarbonate of soda, and potassium bicarbonate. Baking powder is a combination of sodium bicarbonate and an acid, usually cream of tartar. Bicarbonate of soda is a form of sodium bicarbonate and is also a leavening agent, while potassium bicarbonate is a similar ingredient, but with a higher potassium content.

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