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Albumin is a type of protein found in egg whites, milk, and other animal sources. It is a major component of the human body's connective tissue and helps to form antibodies and enzymes that protect against bacteria and viruses. Albumin is also commonly used as a food additive to enrich baked goods and other foods.


Where is Albumin used?

Generally, albumin is used to add protein to food products, such as cereals, breads, and desserts. It can also be used as a thickener in sauces, custards, and soups, and as a stabilizer in meringues and other desserts. Additionally, albumin is used to make vegan mayonnaise and is often used as a replacement for egg whites when baking.


Where is Albumin found?

Albumin is most commonly found in egg whites, milk, and other animal sources, but it can also be sourced from plant-based ingredients like wheat gluten, soy protein isolate, and pea protein isolate.


What are the health benefits of Albumin?

Albumin provides essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, making it a great choice for those looking to boost their nutrient intake. Plus, it's low in calories and fat-free. It can also help to keep the body hydrated and help to regulate electrolyte levels in the body. 


Interesting Facts about Albumin

-Albumin is the main component in egg white, making up around 90% of its content. 

-Despite its clear color, albumin is high in protein.

-Albumin has a low calorie content and is fat-free.

-Albumin is used to make egg replacements in vegan and vegetarian diets.

Other similar ingredients include casein, whey, and soy protein.

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