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Antimony Potassium Tartrate

What is Antimony Potassium Tartrate?

Antimony potassium tartrate, also known as antimony potassium salt, potassium antimony tartrate, or emetic tartar, is a white, crystalline powder with a sour taste. It is a salt composed of antimony, potassium, and oxygen, and is often used as a medicine and antiseptic. It was first developed in the late 18th century, and is still used in some countries today.

Where is Antimony Potassium Tartrate Generally Used?

Antimony potassium tartrate is most commonly used as a medical preparation and antiseptic. It is also used in textile dyeing and printing, leather tanning, glass production, and in the manufacturing of fireworks and pyrotechnics.

Where is Antimony Potassium Tartrate Found?

Antimony potassium tartrate is naturally occurring in some minerals, and can also be synthesized in a laboratory. It is also found in some fruits and vegetables, as well as in certain kinds of honey.

What are the Health Benefits of Antimony Potassium Tartrate?

Antimony potassium tartrate has antiseptic and medicinal properties, and has been used in the treatment of a number of different illnesses and conditions. It has been used to reduce fevers, treat epilepsy, and in some cases, to treat certain types of diarrhea. It has also been used as a diuretic and to treat skin conditions.

Interesting Facts about Antimony Potassium Tartrate:

  • Antimony potassium tartrate was first developed in the late 18th century. 
  • The chemical formula for antimony potassium tartrate is K2Sb2(C4H2O6). 
  • It has antiseptic and medicinal properties. 
  • Antimony potassium tartrate was once used as an emetic, or a substance used to induce vomiting. 
  • It is still used in some countries today.

List of Other Similar Ingredients:

  • Arsenic 
  • Bismuth 
  • Gallium
  • Indium 
  • Tin
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