## Detailed Article on Medical Cannabis with a Focus on Its Risks and Side Effects Hey there health enthusiasts! Today, let's dive into the world of medical cannabis. This significant health trend has earned a spot in households and pharmacies worldwide. Its remarkable potential for managing various health conditions has piqued tremendous interest. But it's crucial to remember that every coin has two sides. Undeniably, medical cannabis brings many benefits, but it's our responsibility to shed light on its side effects and potential risks as well! ### Side Effects of Medical Cannabis Medical cannabis, like all medications, carries the possibility of side effects. Most are manageable and subside after the medication wears off, yet it's important we address them. Here's a rundown: 1. **Altered Perception**: A common side effect, especially with higher THC strains, bright lights, heightened sounds, and time distortion may occur. 2. **Coordination Issues**: Medical cannabis might cause clumsiness or impair fine motor skills temporarily, making detailed tasks or operating machinery challenging. 3. **Mood shifts**: While many use cannabis for its euphoria-inducing effects, it can also lead to anxiety or confusion in some. 4. **Physiological Changes**: Dry mouth, fast heartbeat or drowsiness could surface after use. 5. **Cognitive Effects**: Memory issues or trouble thinking clearly might occur following use. ### Risks Associated with the Use of Medical Cannabis In addition to the side effects, a few potential risks deserve attention: 1. **Long-term Cognitive Troubles**: Chronic use of high-THC cannabis, especially if started in adolescence, may lead to sustained cognitive deficits. 2. **Psychiatric Issues**: Prolonged and frequent use might contribute to developing a condition like schizophrenia or worsen an existing one. 3. **Dependency**: Though not as addictive as some substances, long-term cannabis use can lead to dependency. 4. **Abstinence Syndrome**: Regular users might experience withdrawal-like symptoms when they stop. 5. **Impaired Driving**: Similar to alcohol, cannabis may affect your ability to drive or operate machinery, increasing accident risk. Always remember, each person reacts differently to medical cannabis. We've simply highlighted some potential side effects and risks. Consult with your healthcare provider for any queries or discomforts related to medical cannabis. As always, stay healthy, stay curious, and stay tuned for more wellness tips and insights! **Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and doesn't substitute for professional medical advice**

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