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Bacillus Subtilis

What is Bacillus Subtilis?

Bacillus subtilis is a Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacterium species of the genus Bacillus. It is found in soil and the gut of various animals including humans, and is known to act as a probiotic to help maintain a healthy digestive system. It has been used for centuries to treat various ailments including infections, diarrhea, and wound-healing.


Where is Bacillus Subtilis Generally Used?

Bacillus subtilis is most commonly used in health supplements, often in combination with other bacteria, as a probiotic to help support the digestive system. It is also used in fermented foods such as tempeh, miso, and natto.


Where is Bacillus Subtilis Found?

Bacillus subtilis is found naturally in soil and the gut of animals, including humans. It is also found in fermented foods such as tempeh, miso, and natto.


What Are The Health Benefits of Bacillus subtilis?

Bacillus subtilis offers many health benefits, including:

- Improved Digestion: Bacillus subtilis has been shown to help support digestion by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

- Improved Immunity: It helps to boost the body's natural immune response and reduce inflammation.

- Wound Healing: It helps to promote wound healing by activating the body's natural healing response.

- Antioxidant Properties: It contains powerful antioxidant properties which can help protect the body from damaging free radicals.


Interesting Facts about Bacillus subtilis

- Bacillus subtilis has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years.

- It is the most extensively studied species of the Bacillus genus.

- It has been used in food production for centuries, especially in Japan and China.

List of Other Similar Ingredients

- Bacillus Coagulans 

- Bacillus Clausii 

- Bacillus Licheniformis 

- Bacillus Megaterium 


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