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Beta Methoxyphenethylamine


What is Beta Methoxyphenethylamine?

Beta methoxyphenethylamine (also known as BMPEA) is an amphetamine-like stimulant drug that was formerly used as an ingredient in some diet supplements and sports supplements. It is synthetically produced and can act on the central nervous system. BMPEA has been found in a variety of dietary and sports supplements.


Where is Beta Methoxyphenethylamine generally used?

Beta methoxyphenethylamine is generally used as an ingredient in dietary and sports supplements. It is sometimes added to these products as an energizing stimulant or as an appetite suppressant.


Where is Beta Methoxyphenethylamine found?

Beta methoxyphenethylamine is most commonly found in dietary supplements, sports supplements, and energy drinks. It is also found in some brands of tea and coffee.


What are the health benefits of Beta Methoxyphenethylamine?

  • May enhance athletic performance
  • May aid in weight loss
  • May increase energy levels
  • May improve focus and concentration
  • May increase alertness

Interesting Facts about Beta Methoxyphenethylamine

  • BMPEA is the active compound in Acacia rigidula, a shrub native to North America 
  • BMPEA was banned by the FDA from dietary supplements in 2015 
  • BMPEA has been sold as a psychoactive drug in some countries 


List of Other Similar Ingredients:

  • Dimethylamphetamine
  • Benzedrex 
  • Fencamfamin
  • Methamphetamine 
  • Methylenedioxymethamphetamine 
  • Methylphenidate 
  • Phentermine 
  • Sibutramine
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