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Calcium Folinate

What is Calcium Folinate?

Calcium folinate is a form of the vitamin folic acid, which plays an important role in many bodily processes. It is a vitamin B9 supplement, also known as calcium folinate-5-monophosphate. It is used to treat vitamin B9 deficiency and megaloblastic anaemia. It can also be used as a preventative measure for pregnant women, as a lack of folic acid can cause birth defects in the baby.


Where is Calcium Folinate generally used?

Calcium folinate is primarily used to treat vitamin B9 deficiency and megaloblastic anaemia, which is an abnormality of red blood cells. It can also be used to prevent birth defects in pregnant women, for individuals who have undergone kidney dialysis, and as a part of chemotherapy treatment for certain types of cancer.


Where is Calcium Folinate found?

Calcium folinate is typically found in multivitamin supplements. It can also be found in some fortified foods, such as cereals or breads, as well as in certain types of mushrooms. Additionally, it is available as a dietary supplement.


What are the Health Benefits of Calcium Folinate?

  • Treats vitamin B9 deficiency and megaloblastic anaemia
  • Prevents birth defects in pregnant women
  • Prevents kidney damage in individuals on dialysis
  • Used as part of chemotherapy treatment for certain cancers 
  • Supports healthy brain function
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular health


Interesting Facts About Calcium Folinate

  • Calcium folinate is the most biologically active form of folic acid
  • It is one of the most bioavailable forms of the vitamin
  • It is water-soluble and easily absorbed by the body
  • It has a long half-life, so its effects can last for up to 12 hours


List of Other Similar Ingredients

  • Folic Acid 
  • Folinic Acid 
  • Methylfolate 
  • 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate 
  • Tetrahydrofolic Acid 
  • 5-Formyltetrahydrofolate

Calcium folinate is an important vitamin B9 supplement that can provide a range of health benefits. It is involved in DNA and RNA synthesis, methylation reactions, and cell division. As it is an active and biologically available form of folic acid, it can be more easily absorbed by the body. This is important as it helps to ensure that the body gets the maximum benefit from the vitamin B9. As well as treating vitamin B9 deficiencies, calcium folinate can also be used in a range of other treatments, including chemotherapy for certain cancers, as well as the prevention of birth defects in pregnant women. It can also help to support healthy brain function and cardiovascular health.

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