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Calcium Fructoborate


What is Calcium Fructoborate?

Calcium fructoborate (CFB) is a natural mineral supplement obtained from a unique combination of boron, calcium and fructose. It is also known as calcium fructoborate, boron fructoborate, or boron glycinate. CFB is not only a trace mineral but also has the unique distinction of being a source of low-metallic, naturally occurring, non-toxic boron. It is a white powder in form and has no taste or smell. Additionally, it is highly soluble in water and has a wide range of applications.


Where is Calcium Fructoborate Generally Used?

Calcium fructoborate is widely used in the food and beverage industry as a source of dietary boron. It is used in dietary supplements, health drinks, smoothies, cereals, infant and baby food, bakery products, and many more. It is also used as a nutrient supplement for animals and as an add-on ingredient in various food products.


Where is Calcium Fructoborate Found?

Calcium fructoborate can be found in many different natural sources, including fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds. It is also found in some mineral deposits, but this is a much rarer source. CFB is now commercially produced and sold in various forms such as powder, tablets, and capsules.


What are the Health Benefits of Calcium Fructoborate?

Calcium fructoborate has a number of health benefits when taken as a dietary supplement. These include:

- Improving bone density and reducing the risk of osteoporosis
- Supporting joint health and reducing inflammation
- Helping with weight loss and suppressing appetite
- Reducing cholesterol levels and improving cardiovascular health
- Enhancing mental focus and clarity
- Supporting the immune system and reducing the risk of infections


Interesting Facts about Calcium Fructoborate

Calcium fructoborate is a source of dietary boron, which is an important trace mineral involved in numerous bodily functions. Research has found that boron is essential for the efficient processing of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, and helps to maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints. It has also been linked to improved cognitive performance and better brain health.


List of Other Similar Ingredients

Other ingredients that are similar to calcium fructoborate include sodium borate, magnesium borate, ammonium borate, potassium borate, lithium borate, and ethyl borate. All of these ingredients are sources of dietary boron, and they all have similar properties to CFB.

In conclusion, Calcium fructoborate is a natural mineral supplement composed of boron, calcium, and fructose. It is used as a dietary supplement in various processed foods and dietary supplements and is known for its many health benefits. CFB is linked to improved bone health, better cardiovascular health, and enhanced cognitive function. It is also found in some natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds.

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