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Calea Zacatechichi


What is Calea Zacatechichi?

Calea zacatechichi is a plant native to Mexico and Central America, traditionally used by the indigenous Aztec culture for various medicinal purposes. The plant is also known as ‘Dream Herb’ due to its purported ability to induce vivid dreaming. It is sometimes consumed as a tea or smoked, and is also available in capsule form.


Where is Calea Zacatechichi Generally Used?

Calea zacatechichi is typically used as a dream enhancer, with users claiming it can increase the clarity and vividness of their dreams. It is also used as an herbal remedy to treat a range of ailments, such as insomnia and headaches.


Where is Calea Zacatechichi Found?

Calea zacatechichi can be found growing in warmer climates, particularly in areas of Mexico and Central America. It is also available from some herbal shops and online stores.


What are the Health Benefits of Calea Zacatechichi?

Calea zacatechichi is thought to offer a range of potential health benefits. These include promoting better quality sleep, improving cognitive function, increasing focus and concentration, and reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. It may also have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.


Interesting Facts About Calea Zacatechichi

Here are some interesting facts about Calea zacatechichi:

-The plant was used by the Aztecs to help them interpret their dreams.

-Calea zacatechichi has been used for its purported psychoactive properties for centuries.

-The plant has a long history of use in traditional Mexican and Central American herbal medicine.

-Calea zacatechichi has been used to treat a range of ailments, including fever, headaches, stomach problems, and insomnia. 

-The plant has a distinctive bitter taste, and its effects can last for up to 8 hours.


List of Other Similar Ingredients

Other similar plant-based ingredients include artemesia vulgaris, passionflower, and lemon balm. These herbs are typically used to treat stress, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as to induce vivid dreams.

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