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What is Cellulose?

Cellulose is an organic compound that is composed of many repeating glucose molecules. It is the main component of the cell walls of plants and a major component of wood. It is also found in the cell walls of algae and fungi. Cellulose is the most abundant organic compound on Earth, and is estimated to be in more than 90% of all living things.


Where is Cellulose generally used?

Cellulose is widely used in the production of paper, textiles, plastics, and other products. It is also used in animal feed to improve digestibility and the quality of feedstuffs. Additionally, it is used as dietary fiber for humans, as well as in food products to provide texture and structure.


Where is Cellulose found?

Cellulose is found in the cell walls of plants, including wood and cotton. It is also found in the cell walls of some algae and fungi.


What are the health benefits of Cellulose?

Cellulose can help to improve digestion by reducing the amount of time that it takes for the body to break down food. It has also been found to reduce cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and help to increase nutrient absorption. Additionally, it can help to reduce waste in the gut, which can improve overall gut health.


Interesting Facts about Cellulose

  • Cellulose is the most abundant organic compound on Earth and is estimated to be in more than 90% of all living things. 
  • Cellulose can also be used to break down fibers found in woody materials, making it useful in paper production, textile production, and other industries. 
  • Cellulose has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its health-promoting properties. 
  • Synthetic cellulose is often used to improve digestibility in animal feeds and improve the quality of feedstuffs.


List of other similar ingredients

  • Xylanase 
  • Pectinase 
  • Beta-glucanase 
  • Laccase 
  • Hemicellulase
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