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Chanca Piedra


What is Chanca Piedra?

Chanca Piedra is a tropical medicinal plant native to the Amazon rainforest. Its scientific name is Phyllanthus niruri and it is also known by the common names ‘stonebreaker’ and ‘shatterstone’ due to its traditional use in breaking up and passing kidney stones. It has also been used for centuries as an herbal remedy to treat a variety of illnesses. The plant’s leaves, stems, and roots are used medicinally, and often infused into a tea or taken as a supplement.


Where is Chanca Piedra generally used?

Chanca Piedra has traditionally been used to help break up and pass kidney stones due to its ability to reduce the size and number of kidney stones. It is also used to treat jaundice, gallbladder disorders, kidney and liver diseases, urinary tract infections, digestive issues, and infections of the intestines. It is also an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic.


Where is Chanca Piedra found?

Chanca Piedra grows mainly in the tropical forests of South America, particularly in Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela. It is also found in other tropical areas around the world, such as India and Africa.


What are the health benefits of Chanca Piedra?

Chanca Piedra is believed to have many health benefits, such as:

- Reducing inflammation
- Reducing pain
- Lowering high blood pressure
- Promoting liver health
- Improving kidney and gallbladder functioning
- Enhancing digestive health
- Relieving symptoms of urinary tract infections
- Boosting the immune system
- Preventing or reducing the size of kidney stones


Interesting Facts about Chanca Piedra

Chanca Piedra has been used by native cultures of South America for centuries as a part of traditional medicine. It was first described in European medicine in 1763 and has been gaining in popularity with the rise of herbal remedies and natural medicine. Chanca Piedra is also known as ‘The Retch of the Stonebreaker’ due to its traditional use in breaking up and passing kidney stones.


List of other similar ingredients

Other herbal remedies with similar health benefits include dandelion, uva ursi, marshmallow root, and buchu. These herbs are traditionally used to treat various ailments, and some have anti-inflammatory, digestive, and diuretic properties.

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