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What is Chymopapain?

Chymopapain is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the papaya plant (Carica papaya). It is used as a digestive aid and has been researched for its potential to reduce pain and inflammation. Studies have demonstrated that chymopapain can be effective in the treatment of bursitis, arthritis, and injuries due to physical trauma. In addition, it is believed to have anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties.


Where is Chymopapain Generally Used?

Chymopapain is typically used as a supplement to aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and reduce the pain associated with bursitis and arthritis. It can also be taken as an anti-cancer and anti-diabetic agent, although further research is needed to confirm its efficacy in these areas.


Where is Chymopapain Found?

Chymopapain is derived from the papaya plant and can be found in a variety of dietary supplements. It has also been used as an injectable treatment for certain forms of arthritis.


What are the Health Benefits of Chymopapain?

  • Chymopapain helps to reduce inflammation and pain associated with bursitis, arthritis, and physical trauma.
  • It may have anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties, although further research is needed to confirm this.
  • Chymopapain can aid digestion by breaking down proteins into smaller molecules, making them easier to absorb.
  • Studies have indicated that it may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol levels and inhibiting plaque formation.
  • Interesting Facts About Chymopapain
  • Chymopapain was first identified in the papaya plant in the early 1930s.
  • It is one of the few naturally occurring proteases that are stable at room temperature.
  • Chymopapain is used as a food additive in some countries.


List of Other Similar Ingredients

  • Bromelain 
  • Papain 
  • Cysteine 
  • Aspartic acid 
  • Glutamic acid 
  • Curcumin 


In conclusion, Chymopapain is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the papaya plant that is used to aid digestion, reduce inflammation and pain associated with bursitis and arthritis, and possibly has anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties. Other similar ingredients include Bromelain, Papain, Cysteine, Aspartic acid, Glutamic acid, and Curcumin. While further research is required to confirm its efficacy, chymopapain may be beneficial for those looking to improve their overall health.

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