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Cistanche Deserticola


What is Cistanche Deserticola?

Cistanche Deserticola, also known as ‘rou cong rong’, is a species of desert plant found in arid parts of China, Tibet and Mongolia. The herb is highly valued for its medicinal uses, as it is known to have a range of health benefits and nutritional values. Cistanche is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, and D, as well as minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, maganese, and potassium. In traditional Chinese medicine, Cistanche is used to treat a range of conditions such as constipation, urinary problems, sexual dysfunctions, and weakness.


Where is Cistanche generally used?

Cistanche is primarily used in traditional Chinese medicine to help improve energy levels and strengthen the body’s overall health. It is also used to treat kidney problems, liver issues, joint pain, and lack of appetite. It is also believed to help improve cognitive function, aid in digestion, and reduce inflammation.


Where is Cistanche found?

Cistanche is mainly found in desert regions and can be purchased dried or in powder form from health food stores.


What are the health benefits of Cistanche?

Cistanche has many health benefits, including: 

-Improving sexual function and fertility. 

-Increasing energy levels. 

-Promoting healthy kidney function. 

-Reducing inflammation. 

-Improving digestion. 

-Boosting immune system function. 

-Improving bone health. 


Interesting Facts about Cistanche

Cistanche is also known as the ‘longevity herb’, as it is believed to have anti-ageing effects when taken regularly. It is also prized for its ability to aid in the absorption of other herbs, for increased effectiveness. 


List of other similar ingredients

Other herbs with similar properties and uses to Cistanche include ginseng, schisandra, horny goat weed, astragalus, eleuthero, and cordyceps. These herbs can all be used in medicinal teas or tinctures to help improve health and wellbeing.

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