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Common Monkey Flower


What is Common Monkey Flower?

Common monkey flower (Mimulus guttatus) is an annual flowering plant found throughout the northern hemisphere. It belongs to the family Phrymaceae and is native to western North America, from British Columbia down to Central Mexico. The plant has small, tubular yellow or orange-red flowers, and green to grayish-green foliage. The flowers bloom during the summer months.


Where is Common Monkey Flower Generally Used?

Common monkey flower is often planted in gardens for its attractive, bright flowers and drought tolerance. The plant is also used in meadows and other naturalizing areas, as well as in roadside and erosion-control projects.


Where is Common Monkey Flower Found?

Common monkey flower is found in moist soils, in meadows, along stream and lake banks, and in wetland areas. The plant prefers full sun and can tolerate partial shade.


What are the Health Benefits of Common Monkey Flower?

Common monkey flower is believed to have multiple health benefits. The leaves of the plant are thought to have diuretic properties, and may be used to help reduce swelling and inflammation. The leaves are also thought to have antispasmodic and purgative properties and may be used to treat gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, the leaves can be dried and brewed into a tea to help reduce fever.


Interesting Facts About Common Monkey Flower

  • Common monkey flower is a popular choice for butterfly gardens because of its bright, showy flowers. 
  • The flowers of the plant have a sweet, pleasant fragrance. 
  • Native Americans have traditionally used common monkey flower for medicinal purposes. 
  • Common monkey flower has been used by beekeepers as a source of nectar. 
  • The flowers of the plant can be used to make a yellow-colored dye.


List of Other Similar Ingredients

  • Alameda Monkey Flower (Mimulus alameda)
  • Carolina Monkey Flower (Mimulus moschatus)
  • Meadow Monkey Flower (Mimulus luteus)
  • Cut-Leaved Monkey Flower (Mimulus laciniatus)
  • Bush Monkey Flower (Mimulus aurantiacus)
  • Purple-Flowered Monkey Flower (Mimulus prostratus)
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