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Cornus sanguinea


What is Cornus sanguinea? 

Cornus sanguinea, also known as the Dwarf Cornel or Dogwood, is a small shrub or tree native to much of Europe, with some varieties extending as far as western Asia. The plant is known for its dark red berries and striking bark, and grows to a maximum height of around 4m. Its common name, Dwarf Cornel, is derived from the fact the tree remains much smaller than other Cornel species. 


Where is Cornus sanguinea Generally Used? 

Cornus sanguinea is widely used in landscaping, as its striking bark and the bright red berries are both aesthetically pleasing. The bark is commonly used as a material for making baskets, beer mats and other decorative items. It is also sometimes used as a medicinal herb, and can be found in some herbal remedies.


Where is Cornus sanguinea Found? 

Cornus sanguinea can be found growing naturally throughout much of Europe and western Asia, and is also cultivated in gardens and parks in many other regions of the world. The tree prefers sunny spots and moist, well-drained soil.


What are the Health Benefits of Cornus sanguinea? 

Cornus sanguinea is believed to have a number of health benefits, including: 

-Boosting the immune system 

-Improving circulation 

-Reducing inflammation 

-Fighting bacteria and fungal infections 

-Treating urinary tract infections 

-Promoting skin health 

-Reducing anxiety 


Interesting Facts About Cornus sanguinea 

- The bright red berries of the Cornus sanguinea are edible, and can be used in pies and other desserts. 

- The bark of the tree can be used to make baskets, beer mats and other decorative items. 

- The tree is known to be very long-lived, with specimens over 200 years old being found in Europe. 


List of Other Similar Ingredients

- Sambucus

- Viburnum 

- Prunus 

- Amelanchier 

- Hydrangea 

- Lonicera 

- Syringa 

- Paeonia

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