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What is Cycloamylose?

Cycloamylose is a type of soluble dietary fiber that can be found in some plant-based foods. It is a polysaccharide (a complex sugar chain) which, when consumed, binds with water in the gut and forms a gel-like substance. This helps to slow down digestion and absorption, and can help to promote satiety (a feeling of fullness) after consuming meals. It is also known to help encourage regular bowel movements. Cycloamylose is found in many fruits, vegetables, and cereals, but may also be taken as a supplement in powder, capsule or tablet form.


Where is Cycloamylose generally used?

Cycloamylose is used to aid digestion and promote regular bowel movements. Additionally, it may help to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and may also aid weight loss by helping to reduce appetite and increase satiety after meals.


Where is Cycloamylose found?

Cycloamylose can be found naturally in many plant-based foods, such as legumes, fruits, vegetables, and cereals. It is also available as a dietary supplement in the form of powder, capsules, and tablets.


What are the health benefits of Cycloamylose?

The health benefits of cycloamylose include:

-Improving digestion: It has the ability to form a gel-like substance in the gut which helps to slow down digestion and absorption, and may help to reduce constipation.

-Lowering cholesterol: It may help to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

-Lowering blood sugar levels: It may help to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

-Weight loss: It may help to reduce appetite and increase satiety after meals, which can in turn aid weight loss.


Interesting Facts about Cycloamylose

  • Cycloamylose is a type of soluble dietary fiber, meaning it is easily absorbed by the body. 
  • It is a polysaccharide, a complex sugar chain that can form a gel-like substance when bound with water.


List of other similar ingredients

Other sources of soluble dietary fibers with similar health benefits include psyllium husk, chia seeds, flax seeds, and oat bran.

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