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Dicalcium Malate


What is Dicalcium Malate?

Dicalcium Malate is a compound composed of calcium and malic acid. It is a nutritional supplement that combines the benefits of both calcium and malic acid. This compound is commonly used in the food and beverage industry as a food additive and is also available as a dietary supplement.

Dicalcium Malate is created by combining malic acid, which is naturally found in fruits and vegetables, with calcium, an essential mineral for bone health. This combination creates a highly bioavailable form of calcium that is easily absorbed by the body.


Where is Dicalcium Malate generally used?

Dicalcium Malate is often used as a food additive to fortify products with calcium. It can be found in various food and beverage items such as baked goods, dairy products, nutritional bars, and powdered drinks. Its use in these products helps increase their calcium content, making them a convenient way to incorporate this essential mineral into one's diet.

Additionally, Dicalcium Malate is also utilized as a dietary supplement. It is available in pill or capsule form and is commonly taken by individuals who may have a calcium deficiency or have difficulty meeting their daily calcium requirements through their regular diet.


Where is Dicalcium Malate found?

Dicalcium Malate is a compound that is not naturally occurring. It is synthetically produced by combining malic acid with calcium sources such as calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide. However, malic acid itself is naturally found in various fruits and vegetables, including apples, cherries, grapes, and tomatoes.


What are the health benefits of Dicalcium Malate?

- Supports Bone Health: Dicalcium Malate is a source of bioavailable calcium, which is essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones. Adequate calcium intake can help prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of fractures.
- Improves Digestion: Malic acid, one of the components of Dicalcium Malate, has been linked to improved digestion. It can aid in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients in the digestive system, promoting overall digestive health.
- Enhances Energy Production: Malic acid is involved in the production of ATP, the body's primary energy molecule. By supplementing with Dicalcium Malate, individuals may experience improved energy levels and reduced fatigue.
- Supports Muscle Function: Calcium plays a crucial role in muscle contraction and relaxation. Consuming Dicalcium Malate can help support optimal muscle function and prevent muscle cramps and spasms.
- Promotes Dental Health: Calcium is essential for maintaining dental health. Dicalcium Malate, with its bioavailable calcium content, can contribute to strong teeth and prevent tooth decay.


Interesting Facts about Dicalcium Malate:

- Dicalcium Malate is considered a safe and well-tolerated compound when used as directed. It is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
- The combination of calcium and malic acid in Dicalcium Malate offers unique benefits compared to other calcium supplements.
- Dicalcium Malate is known for its superior bioavailability, meaning that the body can easily absorb and utilize the calcium it provides.
- The compound's use in the food industry allows manufacturers to fortify their products with calcium without significantly affecting taste or texture.


List of other similar ingredients:

- Calcium Citrate
- Calcium Carbonate
- Calcium Gluconate
- Calcium Lactate
- Calcium Phosphate

These ingredients are commonly used as calcium supplements or food additives and provide different forms of bioavailable calcium to support various health needs.

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