html Medical Cannabis vs. Recreational Cannabis

Medical Cannabis vs. Recreational Cannabis

The world of cannabis is more dynamic than ever. With increasing legal and sociocultural acceptance, two main types have earned the spotlight: Medical and Recreational. But, what separates one from the other?

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis, as the name suggests, is used for medicinal purposes. This means it's prescribed by a doctor, and the patient uses it as part of a treatment plan for a specific condition or set of symptoms.

Recreational Cannabis

Recreational Cannabis, on the other hand, is used by individuals without any medical condition. It's used to induce feelings of relaxation or euphoria, much like alcohol or tobacco.

Difference between Medical and Recreational Cannabis

While both have many similar chemical properties, their use and legality differ significantly. In addition, medical cannabis usually contains higher CBD ratios, which curbs the psychoactive effects of THC, making it more suitable for daily living.



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